When a girl geek has her silver techie knickers on she knows what technology is available to support her business; she knows what the tech adds and has a strategy for keeping track of trends

She asks herself…

Should I be wearing these?

(Can I outsource this? Do I need to develop these skills?)

What has already been done?

(Don’t reinvent the wheel – be inspired by and adapt existing excellence)

Is there flexibility in this that will protect it from obsolescence?

How many tasks can I automate/simplify with tech?

How user-friendly is this?

Exactly how much do I need to know myself about the inner workings?

(But, what will I do if the tech support lets me down?)

How do I know when to stop?

Have I thought through everything before the “tech step”? (Don’t waste the time of your tech team – focus on their strengths)










and the other ones…


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