The TEAM knickers get the right people together

Wearing her team knickers helps our GirlGeek recognize others who can cover her weaknesses; she costs her time and knows when outsourcing makes sense. She knows the expertise her business needs and has a mentor (MONKEY)

Who inspires me?

Who are my suppliers and how do I keep them sweet?

Is my external support network in place so I can get on with MY job?

Who can save me time and money?

Are they people in my team the best they could be?

– are there team development activities that would help?

– do they need mentors?

Who do I need to meet?

– where can I meet them, or who can help me meet them?

– can I plug myself into a new network of people this week?

What tasks can I delegate and to whom?

How do I find the best people?

– how do I attract them?

– how do I retain them?


Who are my customers?

How do I reach them?

How can I use my customer base to my advantage? (as suppliers? Resellers? Partners?)

How can I retain the profits in my business or it’s “network”? (Buy a supplier and bring them in?)

How will I establish team motivation and a “warm” working environment and company culture?

How will I resolve intercompany disputes?

How can we encourage more functional flexibility in our own organization?










and the other ones…


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