Knickers Re-visited

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The entrepreneurial kickers have been taken out of their drawer again for the Enterprising Women development programme at Edinburgh University. The course is a reworking of the Ingenious Women programme that ran in Spring 2012. As before, at the workshop we looked at the knickers in turn and thought about how to tune ourselves into […]

A Day in the Life of Resilient Knickers

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This is a quote from a presentation at a digital conference I went to last week in Toronto. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Perhaps because I’m looking for work in a city and a country that are still reasonably foreign to me. Perhaps because in selling myself as a freelancer and in […]


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My hope for the site is that it will be populated with contributions from inspiring, enterprising women from all sectors and in all kinds of roles.   If you want to suggest a name or volunteer yourself, just contact me using the contact form or through my main website, Shinton Consulting.